8 mistakes to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnant in winter: 8 mistakes to avoid during pregnancy
Fatigue, drop in temperature, viruses… These small inconveniences related to winter can be particularly annoying when you are pregnant.
Here are the advices of, midwife, for pregnancy in good shape despite the cold!

1. Skip the flu vaccine

Skip the flu vaccine


Only 7.4% of pregnant women would have been vaccinated against influenza during the 2015-2016 season, according to an Inserm report. However, vaccination against this infection is recommended during pregnancy. And for good reason: the risk of complications related to influenza is higher among pregnant women. In the latter, this infection can cause respiratory insufficiency requiring hospitalization. The unborn baby is also at risk since contracting influenza during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

2. Not washing your hands sufficiently

Not washing your hands sufficiently
It can never be repeated often enough: handwashing is the most effective hygiene measure to prevent the transmission of viruses. This is especially important when you are pregnant, and therefore more prone to the ills of winter.
To do this, it is advisable to rub your nails, fingertips, palms, wrists, and the outside of your hands with soap for 30 seconds before drying your hands with a clean towel or in the open air.

3. Focus only a rich diet

Focus only a rich diet

In winter, it is tempting to turn to comfort, and therefore rich, dishes. But be careful not to abuse them! To stay in good shape during pregnancy, you should not skip fruits and vegetables. Sources of vitamins, provide energy but are also rich in fiber, which promotes intestinal transit and slows the absorption of sugar. A good point for women at risk of gestational diabetes.


4. Skimp on hydration

Skimp on hydration

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you should cut back on water consumption, quite the contrary! Good hydration during pregnancy has many benefits, as it helps to limit nausea or fight constipation. Are you looking for an alternative to water? Winter can be an opportunity to prefer herbal teas or infusions, which allow you to stay hydrated while warming up.

5. Take (too) hot baths

Take (too) hot baths
In winter, it is tempting to bask in a warm bath. A good idea to relax, as long as you don’t go above 38 degrees. And with good reason: beyond this temperature, the vasodilating effect of heat can lead to a risk of a drop in blood pressure and discomfort.

6. Wanting to do too much

Wanting to do too much
It’s no secret: to be armed against winter viruses, the body needs rest. This is all the more true when you are pregnant! So don’t forget to take it easy, especially if your nights are short. Take naps, for example, if your schedule permits.

7. Do not cover yourself sufficiently

Do not cover yourself sufficiently
When you are pregnant, you tend to get hot easily, especially because of progesterone. However, it is advised to cover itself well to avoid the small evils of the winter! And certain zones are more sensitive to the cold than others. The entry points of what is called the “perverse winds” in traditional Chinese medicine are the lower back, the nape of the neck, and the top of the skull. Hat, sweater, and scarf are therefore de rigueur!

8. Wear any pair of shoes

Wear any pair of shoes
Winter can sometimes rhyme with ice, and therefore the risk of falling. This danger is all the greater when you are pregnant because the hyperlaxity of the ligaments caused by pregnancy favors sprains and strains. To avoid this, it is advisable to wear a good pair of shoes with non-slip soles and tightened at the ankle!