5 things you don’t have to do to keep your skin softer


1.Over-exfoliating :



Exfoliation is great for your skin. Removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, removes pores, and much more but there is something like over-peeling. And, it’s really bad for your skin. Excess exfoliation is when the exfoliation is done very strongly, so instead of picking up dead skin cells, you end up scratching and damaging the surface of your skin’s protective barrier. This can open up space for infection, so you will easily be exposed to bacteria leading to acne and other skin problems. So finding balance is the key to your skin.

To make sure you don’t peel too much, avoid excessive pressure and use a peeler with nice little granules that won’t be harsh on your skin. If your skin is as dry or sensitive as my skin, it is best to recommend exfoliation once a week, for normal and mixed skin, twice a week and for oily and mixed skin, up to three times a week.
It is very important to exfoliate your skin after thoroughly cleaning and try to use cold water to close the pores, not hot at all.


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